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In a bold shift towards efficiency and convenience at events, Gofun has introduced a cashless solution that not only enhances the consumer experience, but also streamlines operational processes and reduces associated costs. Gofun provides a cashless system that enables direct credit card payments, without the need to pre-charge a wristband. A key aspect of this innovation is the elimination of the need to provide NFC wristbands to all attendees. Since QR-based access control is sufficient for certain events, it is appropriate to provide a physical wristband only to those who choose to pay in cash.

Cost reduction in NFC wristbands:

This pioneering approach has led to a significant reduction in operating costs, as NFC wristbands are produced and distributed exclusively to those who wish to pay in cash. By limiting the issuance of physical wristbands to this specific audience, the expenses associated with producing, distributing and administering them to the remaining attendees who choose to pay with credit cards are minimized.

Transparent cash flow management:

This approach also facilitates cash flow management at the event. Transactions made with credit cards are transparently recorded and easily tracked, giving organizers full control over income and expenditures. At the same time, those who prefer to pay in cash can do so conveniently with the physical wristband provided exclusively for them.

Gofun’s cost-cutting advantages:

  • Substantial savings: By eliminating the need for dedicated recharge staff, Gofun reduces operational costs by up to 2.5% of total event sales, resulting in significant savings for organizers.
  • Efficient operations: With fewer staff focused on transaction management, events become more efficient and seamless, allowing attendees to enjoy an experience without delay or inconvenience.
  • Improved user experience: By reducing the wait in recharge queues, attendees enjoy a hassle-free, time-wasting cashless experience, increasing user satisfaction.
  • Transparent transactions: All transactions are recorded transparently, giving attendees complete visibility into their spending and promoting consumer confidence.

Gofun represents not only a technological breakthrough in event payment management, but also a cost-effective and efficient solution for event organizers. With direct and transparent payments, Gofun not only improves the user experience, but also eases the financial and operational burden of events, paving the way for a simpler and more efficient future in the cashless events industry.

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