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Improving the consumer experience and complying with regulations.

Faced with repeated and increasing complaints from FACUA to festivals, Gofun has developed new cashless system features that comply with regulations and maintain the security and speed of payments.

Direct payments with bank cards

This system allows direct payments with credit cards without the need to recharge a wristband beforehand. Users can use their credit cards at bank POS terminals with built-in PAY + ORDER bar catalogs.

Alternatives to cash

They can also choose to pay with wristbands or purchase a QR token for cash payments. Advantages include direct payments without reloading, total transparency in transactions, accessibility and convenience for all, and a decrease in staff costs.

Improving the experience, facilitating consumption

The implementation of this system not only addresses FACUA’s concerns, but also sets a higher standard for the consumer experience at events. Gofun offers an efficient, reliable and convenient solution for attendees, paving the way for future hassle-free events in the cashless world.