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The end of traditional top-ups

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses implementing cashless systems is the need to top up users’ accounts. Not only can this be inconvenient for customers, but it can also limit the sales potential of establishments. This is where Cashless 3.0 comes in.

Eliminate top-ups, increase sales

With our cashless 3.0 platform, the need for top-ups in cashless systems becomes a thing of the past: Credit card payments are made directly at the cashless order+pay cashless data pads at the bars. Since the need for top-ups is exclusively for cash payments, which is essential to avoid theft, eliminating the need for top-ups speeds up the checkout process at the bar, which translates directly into increased sales. Since 80/90% of payments will be by credit card, consumption is boosted and recharging is almost eliminated. Thus, customers can place their orders faster and without interruption, which encourages them to spend more and return to the bar more frequently.


Maximize customer experience and event profitability

By providing a more seamless and convenient shopping experience, Cashless 3.0 not only improves customer satisfaction, but also increases event profitability. With less time spent reloading balance and more time spent shopping and enjoying themselves, customers are more willing to spend and participate in event activities. This translates into higher revenue for organizers and a more memorable experience for attendees.


In summary, Gofun Bank is proving to be a powerful tool for increasing bar sales at events and festivals by eliminating top-ups on cashless systems. By providing a faster and more convenient shopping experience, our cashless 3.0 system not only improves customer satisfaction, but also increases event profitability. With its ability to maximize sales and enhance the customer experience, Cashless 3.0 is redefining the way financial transactions are conducted in the live entertainment industry.

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