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In response to concerns expressed by consumers and highlighted by FACUA about the use of cashless systems at events, we are pleased to introduce an industry-first solution: Gofun Bank. Recognizing the difficulties reported, Gofun has implemented an innovative cashless system that allows direct credit card payments, eliminating the need to recharge wristbands to make credit card payments.

Problems facing FACUA:

FACUA has pointed out problems such as lack of transparency, difficulties in recovering unused balances and complications in the recharge process in cashless systems. Refusal to accept payment in cash or credit cards within certain limits is a consumer and user protection infringement. These concerns have led to an urgent need to find solutions that retain the advantages of cashless as such but incorporate a seamless and secure consumer experience.

Gofun Solution: Agility and security in direct payments without mandatory top-up:

Gofun has taken a step forward by introducing a cashless system with options that adapt the cashless system to the regulation while maintaining security and speed in payments.

It allows direct credit card payments without the obligation to recharge a wristband beforehand. With this innovation, users can use both their credit cards directly at bank POS with built-in PAY + ORDER bar catalogs.
Wristband payments if desired. This system allows instant and hassle-free payments at any point of sale at the event using the same Gofun Cashless system.
If instead they wanted to pay in cash they could acquire a QR token that is validated and redeemed at the same POS that credit bank payments and payments in bracelet.

Advantages of Gofun’s cashless system:

  1. Direct payment without reloading: Users can make direct payments with credit cards at any time, without the need to reload balance on a wristband, which significantly simplifies the process and increases consumption significantly.
  2. Full transparency: All transactions are recorded in detail, giving users full visibility of their spending and transactions, thus promoting consumer confidence.
  3. Accessibility and convenience: Gofun’s system is accessible to all, eliminating barriers for those who do not wish to pre-load money or who prefer to pay directly with their credit cards.
  4. Reduced personnel costs: Given the possibility of direct credit card payments, it is possible to eliminate the need for a recharge center by providing this possibility exclusively for cash recharge at self-service cash kiosks.

The implementation of this innovative system by Gofun not only responds to the concerns raised by FACUA, but also sets a higher standard for the consumer experience at events. Gofun offers a solution that is not only efficient, but also trusted and convenient for attendees, paving the way for future hassle-free events in the cashless world.

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