Concerts and music festivals

Digitalize payments and processes at your festival. Forget aboout the cash, increase your incomes and optimize resources while you offer the best experience to the attendees.


NFC Cashless and Contactless payments

Adjust the payments to your festival needs. Gofun offers 3 kinds of payments with data analysis and sales reports.

  • Bank card
  • Mobile through QR
  • Customize your own RFID bracelet or card


Improve the customer experience from the ticket purchase to the end of the event


Access control

Personalize and asign different licenses to the NFC bracelets to control attendees and staff accesses to the event and the different festival areas (general, VIP, press, backstage, etc.)

El Control de accesos permite que los asistentes puedan entrar más rápido al recinto y tengan más tiempo para consumir y disfrutar.


Business Intelligence

Manage your festival the most efficient way with a complet visibility of attendees, providers, products and staff.

  • Reportes, métricas y hábitos de consumo
  • Control y gestión integral de tu staff

An experience at all levels

  • Quick and easy payments
  • Zero contact
  • Less queues
  • No need for cash
  • Various payment options
  • Top up and cashback online option
  • Improve the experienceia
  • Quick accesses
  • Big Data in real time
  • Data analysis reports
  • Get to know your attendees better
  • More profitability by optimizing resources
  • Reduce errors and thefts
  • More information for sponsors
  • More security at the event
  • Increase the incomes up to 30%
  • Easy to use
  • Zero contact
  • Sales remain digitalized in the POS, whether if made with cash or card
  • Previous training and on site support
  • Individual performance reports
  • Automatic reports sending to external vendors


Digital transformation of music festival Rototom to implement the access control and the contactless payments with the aim to increase sales and remove fraud.

Already trust in Gofun

They are super efficient and honest. Their cashless technology is amazing and the team is by your side all along the festival.

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Why use cashless + contactless at your festival?

Flexible payments

It offers every payment method: NFC Bracelet/Card, Bank Card and Mobile payment.

Higher spend per attendee

Buy on impulse and have more time to consume. Spending per person increases up to 30%

Improve the experience

Reduce colas y tiempos de espera a los asistentes, además de poder pagar como quiera

Increase profitability

Use data to optmize resources and reduce spendings

Real time

Real-time reporting on attendance, sales, performance, and more

Reduce the fraud

Both in entrances and in bars. And reduce contact giving security to staff and customers

We adjust our solution to your business, whether it is large, medium or small

We set the system up adjusting it to your needs and we train your team during the first days so that you can manage it autonomously.

We take care of all the needs to carry out the event and offer technical support during it.

If your event is small, with online training and our tutorials, you will easily get the system up and running. Only available for NFC payments.

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Digitalize now your event with Gofun!