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In the constant quest to improve operational efficiency and provide a hassle-free experience for event attendees, we propose to take a closer look at the costs associated with cashless system recharging staff. This issue is not only a significant expense but also an additional strain on the organization. Faced with these difficulties, Gofun has developed an innovative solution that not only saves costs but also improves customer satisfaction and stimulates sales.

Personnel costs in cashless systems:

The need for personnel to manage wristband and card reloading at cashless events represents a significant cost for organizers. Besides, the complications in the administration of these human resources: the task of coordinating and supervising a large team can be complex and sometimes prone to human error. Accurate control of money becomes a challenge. It requires meticulous management to ensure that funds are properly credited and there are no associated losses. These operational challenges not only affect the internal efficiency of the event organization, but can also lead to a less smooth and more congested user experience at reload points.

Gofun Bank

In this scenario, Gofun has revolutionized the way we experience events by introducing a cashless system that allows direct payments with credit cards, without the need to recharge a wristband beforehand. This solution eliminates the need for dedicated recharge personnel, drastically reducing operating costs and minimizing human error.

Cash totems

With respect to cash management, Gofun provides cash totems, reducing the complexity of staff administration and eliminating the need for extensive cash management. This simplification not only improves operational efficiency, but also translates into a smoother and more satisfying user experience, where attendees can enjoy the event without the hassles associated with long lines and reloading problems.

Focusing on the user experience without neglecting cost-effectiveness

Gofun’s solution also relieves pressure on event organizers, allowing them to focus on providing a unique and memorable experience for attendees. With Gofun, events not only become more profitable, but also transform into spaces where technology facilitates a frictionless and truly unforgettable user experience.

Gofun’s advantages in cost optimization and customer experience:

  • Significant financial savings: By eliminating the need for recharge staff, Gofun reduces operating costs by up to 2.5% of total event sales, generating considerable financial savings for organizers.
  • Reduced claims: By avoiding errors associated with reloading, Gofun reduces consumer complaints regarding refunds, providing a hassle-free experience and generating confidence among attendees.
  • Improved sales: By eliminating a step in the reload process, Gofun simplifies the user experience, stimulates sales and allows attendees to enjoy the event without interruption, increasing satisfaction and the likelihood of additional sales.

All thing considered, with Gofun, events not only become more efficient and cost-effective, but also offer a smoother and more satisfying customer experience. This innovative solution improves administrative management and relieves pressure on event organizers. This allow them to focus on providing a unique and memorable experience for attendees. It also creates an environment conducive to sales growth and customer loyalty, paving the way for a more efficient and profitable future in the cashless event industry.

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