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In the new era of digitalization, data analysis has become an essential tool for business decision making. Event organization is one of the sectors most closely linked to new technologies. In this sense, Big Data plays a fundamental role in this industry. More and more people are using smart devices, and event promoters find it practical to collect and analyze data to offer more personalized events.

One of the main problems that Big Data solves in a company is misinformation when making decisions. In the context of events, this manifests itself in the difficulty of knowing the interests and needs of the target audience, knowledge about the impact in terms of returns on investment, consumption habits, etc. The use of Big Data has a very positive impact on the planning, execution and evaluation of events. Read on to discover how to improve attendee experience with the application of data intelligence.

What is Big Data?

We talk about Big Data to refer to the extremely large set of data collected on a daily basis that require specialized tools for processing, storage and analysis. Have you ever entered a website and been asked to accept the famous cookies? This is a clear example of how companies collect information from third parties to subsequently customize advertising and the type of content they show us.

The main objective is to obtain valuable information that can be used to improve business processes, make decisions based on objective data and discover trends that would not be visible through other data analysis methods.

Big Data applied to event management

In event management, the digitalization of data has become a valuable new currency for all parties involved. For organizers, Big Data means analyzing valuable data from their target audience and being able to offer them more optimized strategies. This information is collected through different channels such as email marketing, mobile applications, social networks, surveys or geolocation, among others. Now that we know what it is and why it is important for event promoters, let’s see all the benefits we can extract from Big Data applied to events.

What problems does Big Data solve in a company?

Tools such as access control, real-time capacity control or cashless payments allow data collection in the cloud about everything that happens in the event venue. Below we will analyze how implementing Big Data in your event solves problems and simplifies the work of promoters:

Personalize the user experience

Big Data applied to events can help organizers to collect and analyze large amounts of data from attendees. Knowing how they behave in the event venue and their consumption habits allows to establish trends and analyze what works and what does not. On the other hand, the statistics provided by big data can be used to improve the event experience. You can see what time the event is most crowded or how the public has been, etc. This information is essential to offer personalized products and experiences. And thus, guarantee the success of the event.

Real-time monitoring

The use of Big Data in event management companies is very useful to analyze in real time the attendance, see what they like and dislike, the performance of the products, if they are selling or not and also the activity in social networks. This way, in the next editions it will be easier to decide which are the best products or activities.

On the other hand, Big Data also allows us to control in real time the stock of products on the counter. Tools such as cashless payment allow you to quantify the products sold and collect sales statistics. This way you can check the stock and replenish it if necessary.

Better marketing and communication campaigns

All the data collection on the tastes and behaviors of the attendees can bring higher sales, since it allows generating new marketing and communication campaigns much more personalized.

Increased worker productivity

Knowing the stock of products in bars, capacity control and digital payments using NFC technology is a great help in improving the performance of workers. Their work processes become more comfortable and faster, which translates into increased sales and revenue.

Still have doubts about what problems Big Data solves for a company? Collecting data in real time can provide a more complete and detailed view of the event, allowing promoters to improve the attendee experience, optimize logistics and solve problems before they arise. In this sense, our platform for the digitalization of events Gofun, counts among its functionalities with this solution. In this way, collecting information about the activity of workers and public attending your event, whatever its size, is a fact and becomes a reality thanks to it. Subsequently, all this data on access, recharges or sales, for example, will be very useful to extract insights with which to implement changes to optimize resources and, therefore, improve results. Therefore, if you want to improve the experience of your attendees and increase the revenue of your next event, contact us and digitalize your event!