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When we are faced with the situation of organizing a concert, a festival or an event of any kind, there are many factors to take into account. One of them is the choice of the place where it will be held and very important, its capacity. Knowing the permitted capacity is essential to manage the security of the event and to follow the protocols to the letter.

The control of the spaces, the capacity and the entry and exit of attendees in real time is part of the process of organizing an event. For this purpose, we have systems and tools that help us to count the number of people in the venue at any given moment. Would you like to know more? Let’s see where to control the capacity, what are the benefits and which tools are most used in events.

Places where capacity control is required

The types of premises or enclosures where a capacity control system is required can be divided into different groups:

  1. Establishments for leisure and recreation: such as cinemas, theaters, skating rinks, sports stadiums, discotheques, nightclubs, venues, game rooms…
  2. Establishments for commercial use: shopping centers, hotels, gyms or restaurants are some of the examples of premises that can be found in this group.
  3. Meeting or work places: We are talking about museums, libraries, cultural centers and a long etcetera.

As you can see, there are many spaces where it is necessary to control the capacity of people. However, in this article we are going to focus on the first group, establishments intended for leisure, recreation and leisure activities. Let’s start!

Reasons to control the seating capacity of your event

The autonomous legislation of many autonomous communities in Spain stipulates that the capacity of the spaces where an event is held must be regulated and controlled. The Valencian Community, Catalonia, Andalusia, the Basque Country, Aragon and the Canary Islands are some of them. The rest of the autonomous regions are also in the process of adjusting this regulation

If you are in the process of organizing an event of any kind, it is important to know which are the reasons for incorporating a capacity control system in the venue.

Security and integrity of persons

The security and integrity of the people is the main reason to have a people counter in real time. Having this system will help us to avoid crowds and any type of incident in the place where the event is going to take place.

Attendee registration 

Beyond counting the number of people attending a festival or event, a capacity control system also collects valuable information about the event. Which are the peak hours with more people, and which are the hours with less capacity, which is the concert with more people attending in the case of festivals, and a long etcetera.

Better overall experience

A real-time capacity control will increase the quality of the activity that takes place in the venue, whether we are talking about a festival, a gastronomic event or a discotheque. The control of crowds and the safety of the people becomes a better experience for both workers and attendees.

Best capacity control tools for large events 

Electronic clicker or people counter

This is the traditional system that measures the capacity by the number of times a button is pressed according to the number of people entering or leaving the venue. This option in crowded venues is highly subject to error due to human error.

Mechanical devices

Here we can find those tools that do not require human intervention. These could be facial recognition cameras, although their margin of error is still high if we take into account what we are using the tool for.

Automatic readers

These devices are undoubtedly our favorite and the best option to control the capacity of an event. It works by reading single-person identifiers and its reliability rate is 100%;

QR Codes

For example, we are talking about QR code ticket readers and all the advantages they offer: eliminating counterfeiting, since the code is unique and non-transferable, verifying the authenticity of the tickets quickly and automatically, avoiding queues, keeping track of the exact moment when a person enters the venue. In short, the data we obtain is very complete and personalized.

NFC wristbands for festivals

In this modality of real-time capacity control, we also find the NFC wristbands so typical in music festivals. These bracelets work with NFC technology, one of the most widely used for events of different types. In addition to speed and accuracy when controlling the influx at all times, this technology based on NFC readers enables us to collect data in real time, contactless payments or access control

Real-time capacity control with Gofun

We all like to go to a concert or an event and enjoy the moment without any unforeseen events. This is now a reality thanks to our Gofun tool. Designed to simplify the organization of events, it adapts to any venue in the leisure and entertainment sector. It is a system to control the general capacity and by zones, as well as to share the capacity with the security forces.

But that’s not all because our tool can be integrated with external ticketing systems to obtain all the insights and statistics of the event. At Gofun we can help you with the digitalization and organization of your event, ask for a quote today!