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When we decide to attend a festival or an event, we like to be well informed beforehand. And once at the event, queues at the entrance or at the bars can generate bad user experiences. Having all the information at your fingertips and centralized in a single device is even easier thanks to QR codes. Thanks to them you can access any nightclub, concert, or event, just by showing your cell phone.

The QR codes for events bring many advantages and information to both attendees and organizers or promoters. Why? We tell you everything about it in this post, keep reading!

What is a QR code for events?

First of all let’s see what a QR code is. Its initials respond to the name “Quick Response”, and it is a set of bars and boxes that when scanned shows the information it contains quickly and easily. As a general rule, it takes you to a website, landing page, social network… Although it is also very common to find product or service cards, Google Maps addresses or even Wi-Fi access. As we can see, it offers endless possibilities to interact quickly and easily with the target audience.

In this case, a QR code for events simplifies and integrates the marketing and planning of an event. In it you can find all kinds of event information. Let’s see what data can be included when generating a QR code for events.

What data to include in the QR Code at events

Among all the advantages of a QR code, the main one is that it allows you to communicate with potential attendees and facilitate the process of selling tickets. Therefore, its application has spread to countless types of events and events: fairs, music festivals, conferences, etc. Want to know how to use a QR code in your events? Below, we tell you what data are the most important to show users:

  • An image or creative presentation that includes the corporate colors and distinctive elements of the company.
  • Detailed information about the event: name of the event, name of the organizing company, a brief description, a CTA (call to action button) that takes you to the official website, the date, the time, the location…
  • A more complete description of all the services available at the venue.
  • Contact information for staff and event organization.
  • Share the QR with the rest of your friends or Social Networks.

Benefits of QR codes at events

Making use of QR codes for events or concerts saves you a lot of headaches. These quick response codes facilitate processes for both organizers and promoters as well as for attendees. Let’s see what are the advantages of using QR codes before, during and after the event.

Advantages of QR codes before the event

Faster registrations

The QR code at concerts, nightclubs or event tickets is a very efficient way to speed up the check-in and check-out process. When a visitor registers and buys a ticket, the QR code is sent directly to his cell phone. This way, when they arrive at the concert they only have to show it and in a matter of seconds they can start enjoying the event!

In addition, this QR code is unique to each attendee, thus eliminating ticket counterfeiting.

Cashless payments

It is becoming less and less common to carry cash on you and even less so if you are going out to a party! Using a QR code to pay for an event is beneficial for both organizers and attendees. The fact that payment is quick and easy increases the user experience and the revenue of the event;

Attendance tracking

This is where QR becomes a very useful marketing tool. Tracking event attendees is essential for companies and their sales strategies. It allows you to get to know your audience in great depth. By using a dynamic QR code, i.e. trackable, you can monitor the demographics of your scanners, the time and location from where they scanned, the type of device they use and a wide etcetera.

Generate expectations

Create expectations the days before the event by sending interesting content to those who already have their tickets. Videos, exclusive information, clues about the event… Everything ready for the big day!

Advantages of QR codes during the event

They provide information about the event

This technology is very useful to keep your attendees informed of all the news during the event. Include QR codes strategically in different points of the space and make sure to share what you want at that moment: offers, schedules, participants, important events, the promotion of a product or service… and much more!

Pick up orders at the counter or from your site

By reading the QR code, the customer can place orders, pay for them and receive them on site or pick them up at the nearest point of sale without the need to download any application. A fast and effective solution for entertainment venues or events.

Benefits of QR codes after the event

Satisfaction surveys

Make use of QR codes after the event to create satisfaction forms and report on the experience of each event participant.

QR scan tracking

When it comes to an event, the best way to make decisions is based on real data. This is possible thanks to dynamic QR codes. You can get insights on where the traffic is coming from, how often they scan the code, from where, from which device…

At Gofun we want to simplify the organization of any type of event and space. We digitalize payments and processes to, among other things, improve the attendee experience, increase event revenue, know the target audience, control the event, streamline queues and payments, and ticket purchases. 
Our NFC technology allows us to integrate different payment methods: with bank card, with mobile through QR or through NFC wristbands or RFID card. Undoubtedly, a competitive advantage that will make you stand out from the competition.