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Digitalization has also arrived to the nightlife, and everytime are more the people in charge at discos and pubs, that decide to offer their customers an experience more memorable and safe inside their venues.

Instead of having to go to the club days in advance to buy a ticket for the Saturday night party, this can now be done through websites and mobile applications that function as ticket machines. Digitalization has allowed greater control over billing and greater access to customer data in the nightlife and entertainment sector, as well as adapting to users’ means of purchase. It has also enabled companies in the sector to improve their processes and offer a more efficient service tailored to the needs of their customers.

Can nightlife be digitalized even further? The answer is yes. Constant technological advances and increased user expectations have led to the implementation of new technologies in nightlife businesses. Would you like to know which software is revolutionizing nightlife? Read on to learn more.

POS software that simplifies nightlife

It is not only about getting in to other technlogical wave, but also about that digitalization can add benefits as sector processes simplification.

Nightlife is starting to integrate software elements that have proven to be very effective in other events such as festivals, markets or conferences. These elements are not only limited to the electronic part of the sound at these events, but also to the software integrated into the point-of-sale (POS) terminals.

There are software tools designed and developed to simplify the sales process with the customer, that includes to take the order, the order executions and the payments after.

Thanks to the POS software for nightclubs, you can integrate the menu, order selection and collection with any means of payment on the same device. This technology uses an intelligent POS that allows bartenders to have in a single device the entire menu of products offered in the local, both single drinks and combinations, and also enables the management of sales and the collection of orders with bank card or NFC devices.

Benefits of nightclub POS software

Businesses that have implemented this type of software have been able to experience first-hand the many advantages it brings them. We tell you about them below!

  • Optimizes processes: this software allows nightclubs to become cashless spaces without the need for cash. A great advantage that, together with the use of intelligent points of sale, eliminates the cashier’s oversights and manual ticket cashing, thanks to the centralization of everything under one and the same device.
  • Time saving: the optimization of the processes, both for the customer and the business staff, means a great saving of time at the counter by not having to register the order at the POS and then go to the POS to collect the money. With this centralization of the system, we are able to increase the order reception capacity in less time.
  • Agiliza las colas: la integración de todas las funciones en un solo dispositivo hace que la gestión y atención al cliente sea mucho más eficiente, lo que agiliza los procesos y reduce los tiempos de espera para pedir y pagar.
  • Aumento de los beneficios: un servicio más ágil y eficiente puede aumentar notoriamente los beneficios obtenidos durante la noche. La eliminación de las colas de espera promueve un mayor consumo entre los asistentes y, por lo tanto, un aumento de los beneficios.Mejorar la experiencia de los asistentes.

Innova en tu discoteca de la mano de Gofun

At Gofun, we have a long history of helping promoters and organizers to digitalize any type of event. Our software has also been adopted by large nightclubs and nightlife in general who want to go one step further. Improve the experience of your customers in the club by optimizing the process of selling drinks. Contact us to transform your business in a simple and fast way. Do you want to join the nightlife revolution? We are waiting for you!