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Among glitter, sunglasses and music band T-shirts, a must-have accessory for any event that takes place nowadays: bracelets.

We are not talking about jewelry bracelets, but bracelets that integrate the technology that the highest masters of jewelry would like to incorporate in their pieces of art. A technology that opens doors and makes the consumption easier. We are talking about smart bracelets, an addition to the wrists of any attendee to an event, concert or festival.

These smart devices have turned into a solution to those promoters and event organizers that experienced problems with the old accreditation systems. However this accesory not only allows to validate the access to festivals, but also much more. Do you want to find out all the possibilities that this technology offers? We let you know!

What kind of events can be this smart bracelets useful for?

Many times we associate some technologies to an specific service or sector, however, it can always goes beyond and apply those innovations to other areas. In the case of the smart bracelets, festivals come straight to our minds, it can be used in any other type of event though.

Whether it is a festival, a market, a conference or a concert the use of smart bracelets has overcome the barriers becoming in an element that can go together with any kind of event that gather large of little amounts of people.

An easy to carry solution and appliable to different formats (silicone, plastic, attachments to fabric, etc.) and able to create user experiences where comfort, safety and big data allies with the attendees and the very events promoters.

The benefits of using smart bracelets at events

Event digitalization is stronger than ever. Promoters are living how the new technologies make their work and their staff’s easier, and, furthermore it give them access to valuable information about what is happening.

Are the numerous benefits of the smart bracelets usage, the reason why promoters and attendees embrace them as a fundamental part of an event curse.

The smart bracelets are linked to the assistant in a personal and non-transferable way. From there, users will be able to carry out multiple actions within the event with a movement as simple and easy as bringing the wristband close to the appropriate reader on each occasion.

Including these bracelets in concerts, festivals and events allows:

  • Access control: verifies that the person wearing the wristband can access both the venue and its different areas (reserved areas, P.M.R. areas, VIP areas, etc.).
  • Data quantification: they allow quantifying everything that happens at the event. Every time the wristband is brought close to a reader, information related to the action that has just been performed (access to the venue, payments, etc.) is collected.

This means that you can control the capacity at all times, the stock of products sold, the total sales and even know what each customer consumes according to age, gender, etc. Valuable information for both the promoter and the sponsors, so that you can have a clear view of the profitability of the event.

  • Cashless and contactless payments: one of the main reasons for the success of this support is that it allows conventional events to be transformed into cashless events. The NFC chip integrated in the wristbands allows users to recharge them (both online and at the venue) and make them their new means of payment.
  • Process agility: both the staff and the public save time. Internally, this means an optimization of resources, such as the level of staff needed or the stock of some products, and on the part of the attendees, they reduce waiting times for access to the venues and to be able to purchase a drink or merchandising.
  • Consumption increase: the agility of the service and the fact that the user can pay at the flick of a wrist encourage consumption. In addition, if at any time the power goes out, the smart bracelets can continue to work thanks to offline technology, so consumption does not stop at any time.

Data shows that the use of these devices can increase sales by up to 30%, as a result of impulse consumption associated with the ease of payment.

  • Security: the centralization of functions under a single device increases the security of the event. Both the provision of information, accreditation and cashless payments make any event safer for both attendees and the organization.

Undoubtedly, a technology that accompanies events that want to have greater control over what happens and also care about optimizing the user experience at all times. A technological complement that is here to stay.