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Festivals, nightclubs and massive events need flexibility and speed when it comes to solve moments of high consumption and high demand. Incorporar herramientas como un software de punto de venta portátil ayuda a agilizar procesos. Ready to discover what portable POS systems are and what advantages they bring to an event? Let’s get started!

What are portable point of sale systems?

Portable point of sale systems, or portable POS, are computer systems designed to process business transactions where and when a sale of products or services is made. Ya sea en tienda física o en línea.

POS systems can be hardware or software, or a combination of both. Hardware can include a payment terminal, a barcode reader or a touch screen to automate the different activities of your business. Software, on the other hand, includes more specific integrations for the management of sales, customers, gauging, as well as reporting and Big Data.

The events sector has begun to integrate intelligent technologies that have proven to be very effective in the organization and management of music festivals, markets or gastronomic events and sports venues, among others. We are not only talking about access control or accounting, but also about the integration of software in portable point-of-sale systems.

Benefits of portable point of sale software at events

These technological tools bring many advantages to event promoters as they can record sales, process payments and generate invoices, among others. Let’s review what are the main benefits of using portable point of sale systems at an event:

Error reduction.

By using a portable POS system, the risk of errors produced by human activity in the registration of ticket sales or consumption is minimized. In addition, the payment process is streamlined. Cash registering is another process that requires manual handling and that can be avoided by using portable portable POS systems. All of this can result in greater customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Reduced queues and waiting times

When holding an event, organizers need to have a clear strategy for processing payments and handling orders. Otherwise, attendee wait times can be endless and the sales process can become a tedious experience. Incorporating portable point-of-sale software helps alleviate this situation by automating the payment process. Los clientes podrán realizar sus pedidos y compras de forma rápida, sin necesidad de esperar largas colas.

Increased accuracy and speed in recording sales

When it comes to shopping at festivals, nightclubs or markets, queuing is very cumbersome. Getting a transaction done in the shortest possible time and in an easy way will enhance the event attendee’s experience. In addition to making sales in the shortest possible time, a mobile POS software offers the opportunity to integrate contactless payments and cashless payments via NFC technology.

Increased number of outlets at the venue.

Events held in large venues need different points of sale to facilitate consumption and service to attendees. We can have a portable POS system on our cell phones or tablets, so that the point of sale is closer to the customer and not the other way around. At Gofun, we have a portable POS integrated with the POS where we can perform all operations on the same device. In other words, each staff person at the counter can have an electronic device at hand to place orders and collect payment in the same device, without the need to have to mark the order at the cash register and then look for the POS to collect payment.

Inventory control

The advantages of portable POS software go beyond sales recording. It also allows you to keep a more accurate record of your inventory, letting you know in real time the amount of products in stock. In other words, a POS software reduces out-of-stock or overstock problems.

Sales reports

This technological solution centralizes valuable real-time information for the main management processes of an event. By using a portable POS system, you can generate detailed reports on your sales, customer data, what they buy and how often, among others. A portable POS system offers great competitive value for making decisions focused on business objectives and customer loyalty.

Increased security

Portable POS systems usually have additional security measures, such as data encryption and identity verification, which reduces the risk of fraud and theft. Undoubtedly, a very complete solution when it comes to trusting attendees’ data.

Integration with other systems

Another advantage of integrating a portable POS software in your event is that they can be integrated with other business management systems. We are talking for example about CRM or ERP, which will allow you to get a more complete and detailed view of your business.

In short, portable POS systems can be a complete and valuable solution to improve the efficiency and management of large events, allowing you to offer better customer service and experience, as well as optimize your business operations.

Enhance your event experience with Gofun software

At Gofun, we prioritize your customers’ experience. How do we do it? By helping promoters and organizers with the management and digitalization of their event. We have developed a solution that has already been used in all types of events, large and small, music festivals, nightlife venues or venues that have wanted to demonstrate to be at the forefront of the industry.

Our portable point of sale software unifies the ordering and payment of a sale in a single transaction at the payment terminal. Contact us to simplify the processes of your event in a quick and easy way. Are you joining the digital revolution?