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Events have recently returned to what they used to be. The increase in capacity has been more than well received by event organizers, staff and, of course, by the public. Now we are aware that an increase in capacity means an increase in control during the event. Therefore, a good attendance record is essential for our event to run smoothly.

In multitudinous or even smaller events, the attendance registration will allow us to control various aspects such as security or the necessary resources. What if we tell you that the attendance registration process in your event is easier than ever? Yes, you read that right! In this post we explain why.

Innovations in event attendance record

New technologies are reaching all sectors, and the events sector is no exception. The key to success is the organization and for this, control is a fundamental aspect. For our event to develop as we wish and as we have planned, we must have a thorough control of the three times that make it up: what is going to happen, what is happening at the moment and what has happened.

When we organize an event, there is one thing that is paramount, the number of attendees. It is essential to be able to contemplate the full development of the event, from there begins the management of resources (staff, space, etc.). A question that should be asked at this point is: “how will the registration of attendance be done?”

Technological innovations make it easier for us to register attendance, can you imagine having to control the attendance of your event with a push button counter? It would be tedious for large events. Not only to control large capacities, but also the flow of incoming and outgoing attendees.

NFC (Near-Field Communication), a wireless technology that connects devices for data exchange, has been appearing on the market for some years now. In the events sector, NFC technology, together with QR codes, has become a great ally to facilitate attendance registration and other services such as cashless payments.

Through cards, bracelets or any other device with NFC systems and QR codes, we can keep a strict control of attendance at events (conferences, festivals, gastronomic events, clubs, etc.) or any event (classes, meetings, work, etc.).

Controlling the attendance register will allow us to make a complete follow-up of the event:

  • To be able to control the occupancy capacity of the venue.
  • Optimize the necessary resources for each moment of the event: in areas and hours with high attendance we should increase resources such as staff or security, while when attendance is low, we can reduce resources and use only those necessary for each occasion. This optimization of resources translates into improved efficiency and reduced costs.
  • Control and define the attendees that come to each room: we can know the preferences of each user and in the future offer a more personalized experience.
  • Create dwell time reports for each attendee: which will let us know the hot zones of the event and the average stay. This allows us to understand the behavior of attendees within the event and, as in the previous point, improve their experience in future events.

Advantages of a good attendance record at events

An efficient registration of attendance at events allows us to control the access of attendees and take into account the level of capacity of the venue where it takes place. This control benefits us in different aspects as event promoters, as staff and as attendees.

Advantages of the attendance register:

  • Increased security: controlling the entrances and exits to the venue allows for greater security by having an exhaustive control of the occupancy level of each of the areas of the event.
  • Increased efficiency: choosing the right technology for attendance registration can improve the efficiency of an event. If the selected tool is the right one, it will reduce queues and crowds at the entrances and exits, allowing quick access and exits.
  • User and staff experience: improved security and greater efficiency within the event as a result of an efficient attendance register increases the well-being of the attendees during the event and thus enhances the user experience.

Attendance record: more convenient and secure than ever before

Registering for your event can be more convenient and secure than you ever imagined. Gofun helps you make your event as efficient and secure as possible. Discover our technology for the attendance control of your events: ease, comfort and security for everyone!