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Festivals bring together thousands of people looking for the same thing: to have fun and enjoy a unique experience. In 2022, around 900 festivals have been held in Spain, or even more, exemplifying the great demand that these events experience year after year.

In Spain a spring or summer without a festival is inconceivable. Because as soon as the temperatures rise, the sun’s rays heat up for more hours and people have more free time, the desire for music and fun is stoked and, not surprisingly, festival tickets are sold out in a matter of days.

Besides fun, do you know what is making Spanish festivals successful? Innovation. We will let you know in detail how innovation sounds to the rhythm of the music.

Innovation in spanish festivals

Since we live in the age of digitalization and new technologies, we have become accustomed to changes and innovations wherever we go, from a new smartphone app to the use of the metaverse for an event. We expect more and more from brands, retailers and even the events we attend.

Meeting the expectations of our festival goers is a thoughtful task. It is not about handing out gifts or promotions, but about taking all those technological advances and making their experience during the festival as comfortable and fun as possible. We tell you about some of the innovations that are taking place within the Spanish festival sector.

The use of the metaverse

Music has reached the metaverse and even though it is another festival modality, it is expanding to all industries.

Several months ago great musical artists of the international scene have created new experiences within the digital ecosystem. Although very few festivals have been carried out within this new universe, it is expected to gradually become a trend that is part of the festival culture.

Undoubtedly a technology that will gradually be integrated into the everyday life of music festivals. Innovations that are not yet on everyone’s lips and that society is still trying to cope with and accept. Live festival or festival in the metaverse? A question that we will solve over time, but they are two completely different types of experiences.

Wristbands with NFC technology

The festival outfit not only has extravagant clothes, glitter or good shoes to jump with. Spain’s leading festivals have added an extra to these outfits, a unique, comfortable and, most importantly, very useful accessory. We are talking about smart bracelets with NFC technologies, the star accessory of any festival.

Wristbands with NFC technology make it possible to centralize information about attendees in a single device. A plastic or silicone wristband incorporating a radio frequency chip inside, capable of transmitting information over short distances and without the need for contact!

At festivals in Spain it is already commonplace to use these smart devices to access and exit the venues, identify yourself as an attendee or even make cashless payments.

A great inclusion of technology that enhances the experience of both attendees and event organizers and promoters. Comfort and functionality on your wrist!

Cashless festivals

Wherever you go, it is increasingly common to see people paying with their cell phones, smartwatches or via Bizum. Cash has taken a back seat. Innovations in payment methods have created a revolution that revolves around convenience.

Festivals have become the epicenter of the use of cashless and contactless payment methods. For example, festivals such as Coca Cola Music Experience or Bombastic Benidorm have allowed attendees to forget about carrying cash, thus improving their wellbeing.

Cashless technologies come with smart wristbands. The public no longer has to wait in line to consume, just bring their wristband to the POS and payment is ready! In a matter of seconds, without waiting or errors at the time of change.

In our blog you can find the post “What are cashless events and why are they succeeding?” in which we explain all the innovation and advantages of cashless events.

Big Data

In the century we live in, data is gold, but the information provided by that data is knowledge, and without knowledge, gold cannot be invested correctly. The use of intelligent devices at festivals provides us with the data we need to analyze and make decisions.

Platforms like Gofun offer the possibility from a single smart device to have the product menu, select the order and make the payment through any means of payment (cashless, bank card, smart cards, cash, etc.). A technology that provides Big Data to offer very valuable information in real time so that the festivals we are carrying out are successful in all their stages.

The fact of being able to improve the experience of the attendees is a necessity for the leisure and entertainment sector. Information management facilitates the security, accessibility and digitization of festivals.

Through an intelligent control panel we can have a real-time information management that allows us to know the level of capacity, the situation of access, stock levels at points of sale and even information on the average expenditure per attendee, which are the most purchased products or the hours in which the sales bars of our festival have sales peaks.

All this information allows festivals to optimize their decisions and generate information to serve the future. By doing so, they work more efficiently to offer their attendees, eager for fun and facilities, a unique comfort and an unparalleled experience.

Society goes hand in hand with technology and together they advance by leaps and bounds. The concept of metaverse was unthinkable a few years ago, although the functioning of the Internet was even more unthinkable. The entertainment sector must be continuously updated and closely following each of the new trends that allow us to create unique experiences within our events. Let’s promote innovation in festivals!