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The most futuristic movies showed us how to pass access controls to buildings, private spaces or conferences: fingerprint identification, facial coding or even by the iris of our eyes. All these methods seemed far away in those movie scenes, however, access control systems have been involved in continuous innovations. Maybe not as biometric as in the movies, but functional and technological.

The days of access control to events by means of a parallel review of the list of attendees with the identification document of each one of them are long gone. Time and resources devoted to this task were tiring, both for the staff and the attendees. Later, access turnstiles with barcode readers appeared, then QR codes, and then the technology that revolutionizes all 21st century events: intelligent access control systems. Let us tell you more!

Smart access control systems

Access is the first point of contact with the attendees of our event. It is a key moment, a turning point in which we must transmit good feelings. As in the relations between people, in the events the first impressions are fundamental for the experience to rise with a positive trend or, on the contrary, negative.

An access control system is necessary to verify the attendees and ensure that only those who are authorized to do so can enter. In addition, the access control system provides greater security at the venue and facilitates the work of event organizers and promoters, but most importantly, these systems can help us measure the success of an event.

Technologies to control access at events

There are different access control system options on the market, such as biometric readers, artificial intelligence (AI), QR code scanners or NFC wireless technology. The latter is one of the most demanded systems when organizing an event.

NFC technology is based on the connection between electronic devices without the need for physical contact. That is, they are systems based on proximity, in this case by radio frequency. Although systems such as mobile devices or the famous QR codes are other resources used for access control.

Proximity access control system

Proximity access control systems offer a wide range of possibilities that can be adapted to the needs of each event. For example, our access control allows the integration and use of mobile devices, QR codes, NFC wristbands or NFC turnstiles for entry and/or exit.

Bringing these objects close to the terminal initiates authentication and validation of entry. A key moment in which attendees begin their adventure within the event, and we begin to collect information in real time that will be very useful for the event itself that is being held as well as for future events.

Why is an access control system important in an event?

Time and data are two of the most valuable elements nowadays. The optimization of a resource as relevant as time and the collection of data that can be transformed into information and therefore, knowledge, are key to any business environment. In the leisure and entertainment sector, it becomes a fundamental issue if we want to offer a unique experience to our attendees and improve our resources and internal processes.

Today’s intelligent access control systems allow us to do both: save a lot of time and obtain a lot of information, both of which are very valuable. But what does this mean?

Advantages of a good access control system

  • Reduction in waiting times: it speeds up the entrance of the attendees to the venue and reduces the crowds generated by the entrance queues.
  • Elimination of fraud: a correct access control system has the advantage of eliminating fraud due to ticket or invitation forgery. Innovation in access technologies allows for instant validation of attendees.
  • Obtaining data in real time: as soon as the attendees pass the access control, we begin to receive valuable information, such as the percentage of validated accesses (general admission, VIP, invitations, etc.), the level of capacity of the venue or the zones into which it is divided, or even the hours of greatest affluence.
  • Increased security: the accreditation of the attendees and the knowledge of the percentage of capacity of the event improves its security. We can prioritize security by reinforcing or reducing our security and staff according to the needs of the event.
  • Resource optimization: all the data that we receive in real time and that we transform into valuable information will allow us to reduce costs by being able to make faster and more informed decisions.

With all this set of advantages, we are sure that choosing a good access control system for your event will improve the whole experience of your attendees. Your customers will only have to think about enjoying themselves!

Access control with Gofun

Gofun technology applies innovation to the digitalization of entertainment, offering in the same device an intelligent POS from which not only can take the order to the customer, but also receive the payment of this by any method of payment. In addition, it allows you to control and manage the access and capacity of your event effectively.

A single device that adapts completely to your needs and those of your audience, allowing you to manage the experience from the first contact with the attendees.

In addition, Gofun offers access control and integrates seamlessly with external ticketing systems so you can get insights and relevant information about the attendees of your next event. An essential tool suitable for all types of events and venues, from music festivals, nightlife, sporting events or markets. At Gofun we adapt to your event to generate the best experience for you and your attendees!