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The warm temperatures mean closet changes, ice cream and… summer festivals! Spring kicks off the festivals, but it is in summer when the wrists of the most festival-goers are filled with bracelets that will leave a mark forever.

The huge offer of these dates marks the ideal time for festivals to differentiate themselves and create unique experiences for their attendees. And although it seems that there is still a long way to go before the heat shakes us, it is the perfect time to learn how festivals involve technology in every process that thousands of people will live.

On this post we bring you three festivals that go much further and have counted on Gofun technology. Music, fun, friendship and technology is what you can breathe in the current offer of summer festivals in Spain. We tell you about it!

Coca Cola Music Experience

To the rhythm of music, the Coca Cola Music Experience brought together great artists such as Maneskin and Bizarrap with more than 25.000 attendees for two days, fourteen hours of non-stop music!

photocalls, swings, ball pool, bumper cars and an important factor… Technology! The Coca Cola Music Experience, one of the most awaited events by Spanish and international festival-goers, brings together the most cutting-edge technology to offer its attendees a day full of fun and safety.

The Spanish festival joined the wave of NFC technology, the means that facilitates the centralization of information under a single device thanks to a microchip that is integrated into the NFC bracelets to accompany attendees throughout the festival. A system born from Gofun to facilitate consumption and purchases within the festival.

This technology allowed to turn this summer festival into a cashless and contactless festival where attendees left behind any concern and enjoyed a whole experience.


The festival that brings together the whole family with artistic interest: live music, workshops, gastronomy, shows, markets and much more. Whitesummer is a festival with a 100% artistic DNA that seeks that its participants live a complete immersion in art with all their family and friends.

With such an extensive leisure offer, the Whitesummer team decided to include the Gofun POS system to offer a more comfortable experience to its attendees. A technology based on an intelligent POS system that allows to streamline the buying and selling processes:

  • The entire product offering is centralized under a single system: intelligent POS.
  • It accepts any means of payment: from cash, credit cards or NFC devices.
  • Reduces waiting times for customers and speeds up the service provided by the festival staff.
  • Provides promoters with all the information about consumption inside the venue.


In Madrid, Benidorm or Asturias, the summer festival that travels the peninsula from north to south, with the best artists of the current scene and that welcomes in each edition thousands of people who expect to dance and enjoy music like never before.

This experience kicked off the summer with Gofun solutions to facilitate the complete management of accreditations and access control, because… If you can reduce access queues, why not do it through technology?

The access control facilitated the streamlining of the entry of the public to the site and allowed, through Business Intelligence, real-time control of the level of capacity of the site, in addition to having a more complete picture of the hours with higher volumes of access.

Bombastic was a cashless and contactless festival that allowed its attendees to recharge their access wristbands, with NFC technology, through recharging points distributed throughout the venue or online. A service that allows you to recharge all the credit in the same device, from which you can then request the return of the remaining balance.

At Gofun we want both you, as promoter and organizer of the festival, as well as your attendees, to enjoy every second without worries. The technology will help to optimize processes, improve management and above all have a much broader view of everything that happens during every second of your festival. It will also help your attendees to live a much more comfortable and safe experience.

Hundreds of summer festivals in 2023 are joining our technology to revolutionize the industry. What about your festival? Are you ready to include the innovations that are trending in the world’s leading festivals? Revolutionize the fun and internal management!