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Temperatures start to be warmer, the sunsets last a few more hours, the terraces start to fill up and the outdoor plans start to be more appealing. We could say that “la primavera trompetera ya llegó…”, as Los Delinqüentes sang a few years ago.

Spring is one of the key dates in the organization of events. It is the time to bring to light the projects that event organizers and promoters have been working on for many months.

Undoubtedly, this season of the year gives the starting pistol to something that everyone likes: spring festivals, but why do festivals held during these dates succeed? We tell you about it in this post!

3 Advantages of spring festivals

Not long ago we told you about the advantages of winter festivals, today we want to explain the three advantages of holding a festival in spring.

The weather

During the months of April, May and June, the daylight hours are longer and the temperatures start to be ideal to spend more time outdoors doing outdoor activities. The weather in spring can be the main protagonist of your festival.

In Spain, festival-goers pack their backpacks, tents and desire to have fun, and set off for one of the best experiences you can have: a festival. With warm and pleasant temperatures, spring welcomes the start of the festivals’ engines, whether they are music, gastronomy, dance or film festivals, the theme is indifferent.

Weather is a key factor when organizing any event, and in the case of festivals even more so. We must take it into account when choosing the venue and its characteristics. And although in spring the climatic tendency is warm temperatures and clear days, we advise you to study beforehand the specific tendencies of the place chosen to carry out your festival.

The location

Good weather is vital to choose the location and enclosure of a festival. In winter, music festivals are held in tents or indoor enclosures, while in spring, it is time to look for places that let you enjoy the outdoors.

One of the main advantages of spring festivals is that they can be held outdoors or use tents or enclosed spaces to a lesser extent. Besides having to forget about the acclimatization of the enclosure, it means cost savings, which you can allocate to other items of the festival budget.

Another important thing about spring is that not only can we hold the festival outdoors, but the pleasant temperatures open up a wide range of possible locations.

For example, it opens up the possibility of choosing the north of Spain as a festival location, an area that in winter is a bit complicated to choose due to its low temperatures and tendency to rainy days or, on the contrary, the south of the peninsula, which in summer stands out for its extremely high temperatures.

Both spring and autumn generate incredible opportunities to exploit locations that would be unthinkable in other weather conditions to gather thousands of people outdoors.

Creating unique experiences

We have incredible weather, an ideal space and location to enjoy the outdoors, what does this allow us to do? To create unique experiences.

Just as in winter idyllic festival experiences are created next to ski slopes, in spring we can create unique experiences that our attendees will remember for a lifetime.

Why not organize festivals with fun, creative and playful proposals? This will appeal to audiences who are looking for a break from their routine and who, in addition, have increasingly high expectations.

Some ways to surprise your attendees during your spring festival may be:

  • Include fairground attractions: such as bumper cars, Ferris wheels or mats.
  • Games: you can include in your festival a board game area, or other activities such as human air balls to organize games among all attendees.
  • Workshops: customization of objects and merchandising of the festival, painting and drawing, etc..

In the end, it’s all about being creative. Keep in mind the theme of your festival and the type of audience that will attend, put yourself in their shoes and try to think of things that can attract and fit as a new experience within your event.

How to control your spring festival

Whether it’s spring, summer, fall or winter, you should have control of your festival that allows you to make decisions both in real time and with an eye to the future. Technology applied to festivals is making leaps and bounds and when it comes to organizing and analyzing, it can be great to have these advances.

Gofun technology has been part of the most powerful festivals of the national and international scene for years. So we accompany promoters, organizers, staff and attendees throughout the duration of the event.

With our technology you will be able to obtain real time data that will help you to make decisions at any time and in case of any unforeseen event. It will also allow you to carry out an analysis after the closing of the festival to obtain important data such as attendance rate, consumption per person, peak hours of entry and exit of the enclosure among many other data. Are you ready to revolutionize your festival? Gofun accompanies you and your attendees.