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There are some concepts that we relate only to certain times of the year, for example, eating ice cream when it’s hot and going to festivals in summer. But one thing is clear, just as there are those who devour ice cream, whatever the temperature, there are those who devour festivals whatever the season.

It is true that the biggest boom of festivals takes place during the summer season. Summer nights host almost all the events, but in winter there is also a place for them. Music doesn’t understand temperatures, and fun even less, so we have decided to tell you the advantages of organizing a festival in winter and the most recurrent themes for this season. Let’s go there!

Advantages of winter festivals

In the colder months you can also enjoy a festival, does music have an expiration date? The high that comes from listening to your favorite song while sharing that moment with your friends, or even alone, doesn’t disappear even if it’s pouring rain, snowing or forty degrees in the shade outside. Music is energy and passion and you can feel it 365 days a year.

At Gofun we are experts in working with event organizers and promoters, so we have compiled the advantages of winter festivals. Are you ready to learn the secrets of winter festivals?

The offer

So far, virtually all festivals are held when temperatures start to warm up. As spring begins, social networks are filled with videos and photos of groups of friends singing, jumping non-stop and enjoying themselves like children. However, in winter the most common thing you’ll see on Instagram or BeReal will be photos at home watching a movie and maybe some photos of concerts in theaters. What about festivals? Although there are festivals in winter, their offer is smaller than at other times of the year.

This reduced offer is one of the biggest advantages of organizing a festival in winter. The few that are organized during this season are successful. People still want to go to see, listen and enjoy their favorite bands. So organizing a festival in winter can be a unique opportunity to satisfy that demand that still exists.

The experience

As you may already know, many summer festivals are held in beach locations, which enhances the user experience by having an activity to do before the gates open or until their favorite artists start playing.

Winter festivals are not far behind. The experiences that can be created in winter are also unique. Some festivals that triumph worldwide in winter are those that are close to ski resorts. Yes, you read that right, festivals in the snow. They are a success, there are promoters who have managed to exploit the fact of going skiing with friends and add the experience of creating music festivals during the weekends.

The point is to differentiate ourselves from what is currently on the market and surprise the public. Choose a different resort, a special occasion, apply the technologies that exist for this kind of events, reinvent yourself, the public is waiting for it!

The availability

The great offer of music festivals that exist in the summer are raffled locations, sponsors and above all, artists. Summer is one of the most demanded dates for artists who go from one festival to another without stopping, so winter festivals have a great advantage: availability.

If you want to celebrate your festival in winter as it is done in Formigal, Granada, The Alps or Austria, you will have a greater availability of artists, although if you want to take advantage of the ski season, you will have to be skillful and choose the dates well. In Gofun we have written about how to organize an event in 5 steps, where we explain how to organize your festival like an expert whatever the season.

Although it may seem that the sun is not warm enough and the wind freezes the bones, winter can be much more. Thousands of people are waiting at home waiting for a notification on their cell phones to warn them of a plan to get out of the monotony of winter and the plans of sofa and movie. Grab your coat, your desire to sing and enjoy a festival in the middle of winter like never before.