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We have the idea of the event we want to organize, or even we already have it all organized, but we don’t know how to reach the public. How are we going to fill all the seats of the conference? Will we manage to sell enough tickets for our event to reach profitability?

Publicizing an event is one of the actions in which we should invest the most time, along with design and organization. This is one of the most important parts if we want our event to reach the desired audience in the most efficient, feasible and direct way possible.

To know how to promote an event is one of the most complicated parts of the organization. With no audience, our event will not reach the success we have set for ourselves. At Gofun we love your events to succeed, that’s why we tell you five ideas and strategies to promote your event and impact your ideal target.

Five ideas to promote an event

Recently we told you how to organize an event in five steps, today we are going to reveal the secrets, ideas and strategies that you should follow and apply to promote your event. Can you imagine a conference with all the seats empty? We don’t, and with these recommendations, that won’t happen. Shall we start promoting?

A good website

Okay, you have created the briefing of your event, you have closed dates, speakers, artists or companies that will be part of it, but in the digital era in which we live, have you created a website for your event? If you answer no, you should create it, and if your answer is yes, how is the user experience within that website? Does it express what you want to convey with your event?

Your website will be one of the first points of contact between the event and potential attendees. So it is vital that you work on it, both functionally, aesthetically and SEO (search engine optimization).

Web experience for your event

If you have already made the website for your event, think about whether any changes are needed to improve the user experience and usability when accessing and interacting with it.

Did you know that 92.6% of users access the Internet via mobile? This data is relevant because you should ask yourself the following question: Is my event’s website optimized to be viewed on cell phones? This will be the letter of introduction to your audience, so take care of it, adapt it to the different devices and try to convey the values and image you want to reflect with your event.

In addition to this, remember to create the necessary menus that should appear on the website of an event:

  • Agenda menu
  • Admission / registration menu
  • Speakers / artists menu
  • Relevant event information and contact menu

Promote an event with your database

If you have a database of users, you are in luck because it is a great advantage to promote your event!

If you have a database with relevant information about users, let us tell you that you have a treasure. First of all, this information must be in order and of value. For example, if it is a recurring event that you organize year after year and the registration form is through your website, you should have saved the information about the attendees of the last edition, it is time to impact them with your new event! How? Through email marketing.

E-mail marketing campaign to promote your event

Whether you have already organized an event before or not, but you have data, you can create an email marketing campaign to promote your event.

The most important thing before launching an email marketing campaign is to have the consent to process the users’ data, make sure you have it first.

segment your database by user interests, sales status, attendance to previous events or similar, and from there, create a personalized email marketing campaign for each segment.

Promote an event on Social Networks

Yes, it is the most recurrent, but also the most necessary. Exploit the fact that more than 4.70 billion people are active on social networks. Esto es más del 59% de la población mundial.

Build your profiles on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok or even BeReal, if you don’t already have them created, and get on with it. Like every communication channel, social media also requires planning. So sit down, think about who the audience of your event is, what you want to communicate and how you are going to do it. From there create valuable content that reaches your target audience.

You can even have a social media influencer marketing strategy as a means of promotion. Contact content creators or people with influence in the subject of your event. Social networks are a very powerful communication channel to promote your event, so make the most of it!

Promote an event with paid online advertising

You have your event website created, you have social networks and you have a database… You have a perfect combination to reach a lot of people!

Paid advertising, also known as paid media, is an optimal option to reach a large number of potential attendees. In addition, the great thing about online paid advertising is the metrics it provides you with, so you can evaluate the traffic generated, the number of people who have registered through an ad, etc.

You can do two types of online paid advertising: through SEM with search engine advertising, which could position your ads in the first results of search engines like Google.

And the second option would be Social Ads, which refers to create advertising within social networks. This option allows you to highly segment your audience by socio-demographic characteristics and interests.

Promote an event through traditional media

Who said that traditional communication is obsolete? Far from it, traditional communication and advertising channels are still active and can be a good strategy to publicize your event.

You can opt for different formats, from advertising in the media such as press and radio, writing press releases or even street advertising through flyers, mupis, street signs and if you dare, even with a street marketing campaign.

Go back to paper and pencil and think about which of the strategies we have told you about can be applied to promote your event. Maybe you have already applied some of them, but you can always apply more and have a greater reach. We hope we have helped you to fill your event with attendees!