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Every time you go to an event, to a coffee shop or even to work, it is more than common to use contactless devices to facilitate access, exit and even payment.

Having centralized information on a single device is possible today thanks to contactless NFC technology. This is responsible for the fact that you can access a festival with just a wristband or that you can pay with your cell phone in any establishment.

Wristbands with NFC technology are the new fashionable accessory. Why? Te lo contamos en este post, ¿empezamos?

What is an NFC wristband?

NFC wristbands are plastic or silicone wristbands that incorporate a radio frequency chip inside. With this microchip, the wristbands are able to transmit information over short distances, without the need for contact. They are contactless systems.

NFC wristbands are mainly used in the hospitality sector, for access to venues and rooms, and in the entertainment and leisure sector such as events. At these events, this type of device is a before and after for attendees and the experience that is created around the event.

They are a perfect and recurring tool for checking in and out of events or facilities, making payments, or capacity controls, among other solutions.

How do NFC wristbands work?

These contactless wristbands have a very simple operation. Its NFC radiofrequency chip is recorded with the desired data. This recording of information can be erased or updated. So for sectors such as events, it is very useful to return to make repeated use of them.

When the wristband is brought close to a reader (which must be a short distance away), the wristband transmits a low-power radio signal that is picked up by the reader. Thus, in tenths of seconds, the reader decodes the data and another device, such as a computer, processes it. Within this short period of time, the computer gives a response authorizing or denying the requested service (payment, access, identification, etc.).

NFC wristband functions

NFC technology allows a wide range of functions. Among the most common, and most used, are two: the use of NFC wristbands as a means of payment and the use of NFC technology as an activity monitor. Did you know you could do this? We’ll tell you more!

Paying with NFC wristbands

Gadgets and accessories have adapted to social changes. The use of cash has been reduced by society. A change that has sprouted from the technological innovations that we live day by day, which favor our comfort and well-being.

With NFC payment embedded in smart wristbands, users can forget about carrying their wallet full of coins and centralize everything in one accessory on their wrist. Forgot your wallet at home or don’t have your credit card to pay? With NFC wristbands, you make sure you always have a payment method on you.

Simple, fast and safe to use, as they only work when sharing information over a short distance with another device, such as NFC readers.

NFC activity wristband

For some years now, there have been smart wristbands on the market that synchronize with cell phones to measure physical activity or receive notifications.

These bracelets measure heart rate, the number of steps we take daily and many other metrics and functions related to a person’s physical and daily activity. Due to the great fame and revolution that the activity bracelets brought to the market, technology has developed innovations by integrating NFC technology in these devices.

Yes, you read that right, activity wristbands with NFC that allow users to integrate payment using this technology in the same device in which they measure their physical activity.

In these types of wristbands, the NFC chip is isolated to avoid contact with the outside world and its deterioration.

Benefits of NFC wristbands at events

NFC wristbands bring numerous advantages in the daily life of users and during events, they multiply. So we have compiled all the advantages of using NFC wristbands in leisure and entertainment venues such as festivals, conferences, fairs, etc.,.

  • Identification: the NFC system integrated in the wristbands allows the identification of users attending any event.
  • Fake elimination: the chip in each wristband is unique, so we avoid ticket counterfeiting, and in the case of payment with them, we avoid fraud by eliminating the possibility of cash counterfeiting.
  • Control of capacity: These wristbands provide us with real-time information on the capacity of an enclosure and its different spaces. In this way we can carry out a better management of the staff.
  • Contactless and cashless payments: allows event attendees to avoid the need to carry cash, since it allows payment through its technology.

  • Real-time information: all the information collected and sent by the NFC wristbands is stored in real time. This data collection allows an analysis of the event in terms of consumption and capacity levels, attendance, etc., which allows a more agile and appropriate decision making to the reality of the moment, being able to redirect unforeseen situations.

We are sure that at some point in your life you have used or will use an NFC bracelet, either at events or as one of your daily accessories. Its comfort, adaptable design and functionalities make it an essential accessory for everyone’s day-to-day life.