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Nightlife trends are changing and young people are demanding more and more unique experiences. Faced with this paradigm, discos and clubs are adapting by offering a more personalized treatment and meeting the new needs of their customers. Because now we are more aware of where we invest our money and it is not enough to offer good music. It is necessary to create close relationships with our target audience to increase our income and generate profitability in our business.

But how? By means of a good loyalty program strategy. In the following article we tell you what they are, what their benefits are and examples of incentives to get closer to your target audience. If you are an entrepreneur or promoter and you manage nightlife and entertainment venues, this is of interest to you!

What are loyalty programs?

Loyalty programs or customer rewards are the set of marketing strategies established by a company with the objective of keeping a customer on a permanent basis and producing in them a sense of loyalty towards the brand. In many cases, customers can become the best promoters of the product or service in question. These programs offer any type of benefit that rewards the customer’s commitment and purchase;

In an event marketing strategy, capturing new leads is just as important as focusing your efforts on rewarding the ones you already have. In fact, a loyal repeat customer tends to spend more than a new one;

Benefits of implementing a loyalty program in the event industry

Working on loyalty programs for our customers will bring us a wide range of benefits. Some of them are:

Increases sales and revenues

Loyalty programs are a “win win” for both attendees and promoters of festivals or nightclubs. With these tools we encourage customers to spend more money on drinks and other products or services at the venue because they know that they will receive good rewards for it.

In addition, the costs of implementing loyalty techniques are totally profitable with the benefit obtained from their results. In short, having a loyal customer guarantees that they will spend more money with us and not with the competition.

Boost the growth of your business

How many times have you added an extra product to your shopping cart just because it was on discount? The same thing happens in a pub or at a music festival. Once you feel the satisfaction of receiving a promotion or discount for your purchase, you won’t want to stop. Loyalty programs are necessary growth models for the success of any industry.

Provides valuable information

Carrying out a loyalty program brings you closer to the customer and, above all, allows you to obtain crucial information to understand their behavior and consumption habits. An essential tool to find the different incentives that your target audience needs are the cashless payments in nightclubs because in addition to encouraging customers to spend more, it reduces queuing time and eliminates the problem of cash at the bar. Thanks to business intelligence you can convert all the data collected on access, refills or drink sales, into insights with which to make decisions about which discounts or incentive programs will help to build customer loyalty. 

Improve customer experience

When it comes to large-scale events such as festivals or in venues such as nightclubs, it is no longer enough to sell more tickets or increase the average ticket to be successful. Now, other factors such as atmosphere, lighting, product quality, location and especially promotions are also taken into account. If you want to keep your regular customers even happier, offer them rewards or discounts to make a difference. Here are some examples.

How to achieve your objectives thanks to customer awards in nightclubs or festivals?

Depending on the objective we want to achieve in our company, we can opt for one loyalty technique or another. Offering invitations or pre-sales of products are two clear examples of how to generate positive emotions in your customers to establish lasting relationships over time. Let’s take a look at other examples that will help us to increase our income through discounts for user loyalty:

  • Allow free admission at the beginning of the evening. This will allow us to reach more people.
  • Include a complimentary drink with admission or before a certain time.
  • Offer discounts when buying several drinks together. This will serve as an incentive for your audience to stay longer in your club and consume more.
  • Give away a free drink on birthdays for those frequent customers.
  • Offer a free drink to the first 100 people who recharge their wristbands or tickets inside the venue. With this action you will increase sales in the shortest possible time.
  • Enable unique experiences for your target audience. Use your venue’s space to host events, invite live performers or comedians, for example, that have to do with the community that frequents your club.

Now that you know the benefits and some of the most widely used loyalty programs in the entertainment industry, what are you waiting for to engage your audience? Contact us to find out how to help you improve your customer relations through a loyalty program in the context of a digitalized nightlife.