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Surely more than once you have entered a store and you have been able to test a new product for free or you have learned the chorus of a song just by entering social networks and repeatedly seeing the trend that has gone viral. These experiences are known as brand activations and are very useful to bring any product closer to its audience.

In a consumer society as fast and digital as the one we live in, it takes several impressions for people to remember our brand. When we talk about sectors such as leisure, entertainment or events and festivals where the goal is to generate positive experiences continuously, these actions are essential to gain brand recognition. Next, we will see in detail what are brand activations in events and how to apply them effectively. Shall we start?

What are event activations?

As we have already mentioned, brand activations are a set of actions promoted by a company in order to gain brand recognition, motivate user interaction with the brand and, last but not least, build a lasting relationship with customers or create a community. In short, it is a strategy that promotes engagement actions;

The most successful brand activation campaigns usually take place in live events, live performances, showrooms, premieres, tastings or openings where attendees come into contact with the brand and this helps to improve the perception of the brand. As a brand, getting closer to the public and having an experience through an event is the best way to win over the public. This is how event activations work;

Event formats are increasingly oriented to dynamize spaces, where each of them can be used for brands to provide different content and experiences. Let’s see how the technology present in the world’s most famous festivals can help improve your brand presence at events and gain engagement with your target audience.

Examples of brand activations with the use of technology

Technology brings us many benefits when planning and managing an event, in addition to streamlining internal operations, it facilitates the approach between brands and consumers. But how? Read on to discover some of the brand activations at festivals that have become recurring and successful actions thanks to the help of technology.

Brand activations and cashless payment systems

The cashless system at festivals generates many opportunities to engage in communications with customers and also extract valuable information about their consumption habits in real time. We can talk about different types of brand activations related to cashless payments. From the actions carried out online before the event to those that we can experience once we are at the festival site. Among them we can highlight:

  • Cashless wristbands with NFC technology personalized with the promoter’s logo and brand. We wear them from the beginning of the event and they accompany us in every step we take inside the venue.
  • The wristband recharge points at the festival site. This gives us a quick idea of how much attendees spend and what the peak hours are.
  • Participation in sweepstakes to offer visibility to collaborating brands.
  • The physical stands that the brand uses to offer merchandising, promotions, testing of new products or unique experiences for free;

In each of these brand experiences it is necessary to scan the NFC-enabled wristband of the assistant who will provide us with all the necessary user data. Each of these actions can lead to others. For example, when we recharge the bracelet for an amount higher than the marked amount, we can give a free drink or send an email as soon as we enter the enclosure providing information about the different stands of the sponsors;

All the statistics that can be extracted in real time thanks to cashless systems can be used as a strategy to improve future events. This technology allows you to know the drinks that the attendees have liked the most, the time of the night when there has been more demand, the most visited stands of collaborating brands, the average drink ticket per person, and a wide etcetera. In short, the cashless system is a great ally for brand activations and to generate good engagement with the public.

The opportunities offered by the cashless payment system to create successful brand activations at your events are endless. Contact us, we will be happy to guide you in the digitization of your next festival.