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Music festivals have always been synonymous with good weather and a great opportunity to enjoy the company of our favorite artists. After several years of uncertainty, we are all looking forward to being able to enjoy events of any kind without worries, especially at festivals or concerts characterized by hosting mass crowds of people.

Knowing how to organize a festival is essential to ensure its success. In this context, technological innovations have a lot to offer. Here are the most important steps to success. Because artists, fans, staff and promoters, all want to enjoy the festival like never before. Shall we get started?

Festival organization: all the keys to ensure success

Planning a phased music festival in different parts is essential to achieve and measure success. As they say, divide and conquer, right? Let’s see what the different parts are:

  • Pre-production phase. Before the festival takes place. It is time to plan it with time, and this involves marking the objectives, purpose and theme of the festival, i.e., what genres of music will be heard? This point is crucial to determine the starting point of our festival, define the target audience and decide on the booking of artists and groups. The duration of the festival and the schedules, as well as the budget or location, among others, must also be determined at this stage.
  • Production phase. During the event it is essential to keep track in real time of the organization of the venue, the staff, the suppliers and, of course, the public;
  • Post production phase. Once the event is over, the process of analyzing all the information collected from both attendees and staff and all the development of activities that occur during the event: access, recharges, sales, etc. begins.

Tips to organize a festival

Now that we know what are the parts for the planning of a festival from the organizers’ perspective, here are the following tips for your event to generate very positive impacts on the audience in the long term.


Capturing the attention of our target audience is essential to ensure the success of our festival. To do this, it is necessary to work on a marketing plan for events and carry it out taking into account the different phases of the event. This includes segmentation and attraction strategies, as well as the creation of a website, social networks and different communication channels where all the news of the festival can be reported.

The enclosure 

The choice and study of the characteristics of the venue where we are going to carry out our activity is also essential to ensure its success. We must previously analyze both the infrastructures and the layout of rest areas, toilets, VIP areas or health care, as well as security accesses. In addition, the measures of prevention before possible incidents and the sound and illumination tools that have to be compatible with the place.

Last but not least, a location that is accessible by different methods of transportation will make it much easier for attendees, artists and staff to travel to the event.

Access to the festival

Avoiding long lines and large crowds at festival entrances will ensure a better experience for attendees. But how to do it in an easy way? We recommend using a more efficient identification system such as NFC wristbands or cashless payment systems for events, which, in addition to speeding up the payment process and providing greater security in transactions, allow you to keep track of the capacity control in real time.

Pay attention to staff 

The team working inside the venue is in charge of moving the event forward by meeting the demands of the attendees. As promoters, we must help in the management of staff activities in the most efficient way possible. The smart POS are designed to improve this and avoid any mishaps. With the collection of information provided by this software we can detect the average ticket of the festival attendees, check if there is a need for out-of-stock products in certain areas, as well as centralize payment information from different points of sale. In addition to the advantage of being able to mark the order and make the payment on the same device. In short, it is a very complete solution that helps us in the management of music festivals or other events.

Search for sponsors for the event

To ensure the profitability of the festival it is necessary to find sponsors of music events or sponsors who feel identified with your event and want to invest in its execution. Although beverage companies have the highest percentage of sponsorship in music festivals, other sectors such as car rental, insurance or real estate are making their way into music festivals;

As organizers of a live music festival it is essential to have different brand activations that generate emotions and unique experiences in the attendees;

Technology in the organization of music festivals

Now that we know how to organize a music festival and what to prioritize at each stage to ensure that the audience experience is ten out of ten, would you like to increase your revenue? To do so, it is key to offer the best possible experience to your audience. In this context, we have seen that technology has a lot to offer. From Gofun you can digitize all the processes from the purchase of tickets to the end of the event to ensure a carefree fun for your audience. Contact us!