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With the advancement of technology, our expectations as consumers are increasingly higher. Buscamos vivir nuevas experiencias, que las marcas utilicen las nuevas tecnologías para sorprendernos y mejorar nuestro bienestar.

Festivals are undergoing a constant metamorphosis, focused on the inclusion of digital and technological means to awaken all the senses of their attendees. Their goal? Reinventar la experiencia que rodea a un festival.

Gofun has been present in more than 20 national and international festivals.

You take the car, park and make sure you have your ticket on your cell phone (or printed, although this is now rare to see). With all the energy in the world, you get together with your friends to enter, and in just a few seconds from the moment you show your ticket to the staff, a bracelet is placed on your wrist and promises to be your companion for the duration of the festival.

At the flick of your wrist, you can enter and leave the venue whenever you want, pay for your drinks and save time waiting in line, which you can invest in jumping and singing along with your friends while you listen to your favorite band, or that other one you have just discovered. The important thing is that you will be able to do what you went to do, enjoy the music.

When was the last time you went to a festival? We have not stopped doing it, to give you an idea we can tell you that only from May to October 2022, we have been 114 days between festivals and events, and surely, we have coincided on more than one occasion. Because during the year, Gofun technology has been present in more than 100 festivals where more than 1.5 million people have been able to enjoy the full experience offered by our technology: a complete intelligent POS that allows you to place orders and also processes all means of payment (NFC, bank cards, cell phone and even cash itself) All in one device!

NFC technology is the reason why festival-goers can enjoy every song of their favorite artists without worrying about losing their ticket, not having enough cash to spend or having to wait in line to buy, for example, a drink or a snack.

Gofun technology with its smart POS, along with its smart wristbands, have made it possible this year for thousands of people to access and leave the venues in just milliseconds, forget about carrying cash and join the trend that is sweeping the world of leisure and entertainment: cashless and contactless technology. A revolution that not only facilitates the organization, management and optimization of the festival but, as we have seen, also benefits the audience. Festivals are no longer conceivable without the possibility of making cashless payments through NFC wristbands.

During 2022 no less than 16 million in payments have been handled with our Gofun technology. This means that more than 2 million products have been purchased via cashless payments. Thousands of people have approached the bar or stand, ordered their drink, food or merchandising, brought their smart wristband close to our Gofun POS reader, and left, happy. No waiting for change management, no errors in refunds and without the worry of that cash getting lost at some point.

Longtime festivals and newcomers alike enjoy Gofun technology.

What we love about Gofun technology is that it is applicable across a wide scale of aspects that embrace everything from a festival to an event. From logistics and stock management, to staffing and security, marketing and the on-site experience itself, among others.

With Gofun, festival promoters are able to provide a complete management of accreditations, access control, cashless and contactless payments… The aim is to optimize resources, processes and thus achieve a better organization. Key aspects that have a direct impact on the well-being and experience of attendees.

Both veteran and new festivals in the national and international scene have decided to count on Gofun technology during their most important days.

From the north of the peninsula in the International Dub Gathering (IDC), with whom we started the festival season this year with Gofun TPV, passing through the Spanish capital in the Coca Cola Music Experience, where thousands of people could enjoy the Coca Cola experience without worries, thanks to cashless and contactless payments. On the east coast with the Boombastic Benidorm, which brought together thousands of festival-goers who traveled from all over the world to experience the music at the foot of the Mediterranean with their smart bracelet that integrated accreditation, access and cashless payments.

But we went much further, to the center of a volcano in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Gofun technology was present in the Azores at the Atlantis festival, concert for earth, the festival that enjoys music and care for the environment simultaneously.

In addition, Gofun was accompanying festival-goers at the Pedralbes Festival, OFFWEEK, ITACA, Concert de vivers, FESLLOC, Boombastic Madrid and Boombastic Asturias, Whitesummer, Cerdanya Music Festival and ICONICA Sevillas Fest.

Information, the great ally of Gofun technology

The importance of technology, in addition to improving the welfare of people, lies in obtaining data, which is of vital importance for the above to happen.

Thanks to Gofun technology, festival organizers have an infinite amount of data that allows them to make decisions in real time or gather information to make changes for improvement and optimization in the next editions of the festival.

The data provided by Gofun is an advantage that will allow an improvement in the organization, logistics, a more realistic control of stock, capacity control and the level of security required among other information that improves internal management and everything surrounding the festival: partners, staff, attendees, etc..

Leading festivals have already realized the need to innovate and meet the expectations of attendees. It’s not only about music, it’s about covering everything that surrounds the festival: stands, access, social networks, services, merchandising, areas inside the venue… It’s time to control your event, know your audience better, improve the experience and optimize resources.