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The technology provider from Castellón adjusts itself to the new challenges arising from the pandemic, and completes its access control and contactless payment platform for the leisure sector, Gofun, eliminating the inconveniences of choosing a banking platform.

The ‘zero contact’ has now become a more necessary feature than ever to which different sectors have had to add to get adapted to the new normal imposed by the coronavirus. And, to respond to this new social situation and meet the needs of the leisure sector, Easygoband has taken a further step in the development of Gofun, its contactless payment and access control solution for events, festivals and stadiums.

A revolutionary innovation in contactless payments for leisure

And, it is that, Gofun adds a revolutionary innovation in the sector by including the possibility of making payments with a bank card and smartphone, thus no longer depending on recharging an NFC support, but maintaining its main advantage: having detailed information in real time. This novelty provides flexibility and convenience in payments never seen before and, in turn, reinforces security for attendees and workers.

Being so, the company manages to cover a large part of the new needs arising from the current health crisis, showing its firm support for the leisure and entertainment sector that is facing a complex reality. This has been pointed out by Benjamín Garcés, CEO of Easygoband, who states that this pandemic “has generated changes in the trend in consumer payments and, now, there is a growing upward trend in the use of cards as a means of payment to the detriment of cash” .

That is why Easygoband has opted to adapt to the new circumstances in which the population is immersed, making Gofun the payment method par excellence in the leisure and entertainment sector. A medium that offers users the convenience of using any payment method at the event, which translates into a reduction in waiting times and an increase in consumption and enjoyment time.

One device, many possibilities

This revolutionary solution introduced by Easygoband allows promoters to access their product catalog and process bank card payments in the same operation through a single mobile device. In addition, it has the added value of offering real-time information and subsequent reports on consumption data and bank transactions, something that until now was not possible with a conventional dataphone. In this way, based on objective data, the promoter can make decisions and change aspects of the event live or optimize resources and key aspects in subsequent editions.

This novelty that they incorporate in their Gofun payment and access control platform is one more example of the constant technological development that Easygoband is committed to. A company that makes easier the digital transformation in the tourism and leisure sector, adapting to new circumstances and facing new challenges with innovation as its hallmark.