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The most awaited date of the calendar arrives, the one you had marked with a big red circle and that said in big letters “FESTIVAL”. You grab your stuff, pick up your friends and venture out to enjoy an event you’ve been looking forward to.

You do the access control quickly thanks to the smart bracelets that the staff has put you on your arrival, and after that, the first thing you do is to go to a recharge point. Yes, a recharge point where you can add money to that smart wristband that will become your payment method during the whole festival: cashless and contactless!

The best of all? If at the end you don’t use all the money you have recharged, you will be able to ask for a refund. This is just an example of the experience that a user can live within an event that implements cashless technology as a payment method. Being able to opt for a refund improves your wellbeing and peace of mind in relation to the organization of the event.

What are cashless events?

Technology is getting closer and closer to events to offer attendees a unique experience that makes them enjoy them without worries. That is the case of cashless technology.

The story we told you about how to access a festival and how to pay for them is becoming more and more frequent. Cashless events are here to stay and it is normal, they make life easier for both users and promoters of an event.

Cashless events are those that integrate new technologies in the means of payment. They say goodbye to the use of cash inside the venue and bet on NFC technology to encourage cashless and contactless payments.

A broader payment solution that offers a cashless and contactless experience. If you want to find out more about how cashless events work, we recently told you about it in our blog post “What are cashless events and why they are succeeding”.

Benefits of cashless events

The advantages of using this type of technology in your event are multiple, both for the promoter or organizer as well as for the attendees and guests.

With cashless technology implemented in smart wristbands you can:

  • Reduce queues at points of sale.
  • Remove fraud due to cash counterfeiting.
  • Make more sales in less time.
  • Get Big Data information in real time.
  • Increase turnover up to 30%.

How can I request the return of the cashless wristband?

With the cashless payment system, attendees can make direct and secure payments with their wristbands or NFC cards previously recharged, but what happens if at the end of the event they have unused balance? No problem, because cashless refunds are possible.

Cashless refunds are something that you as the event promoter must manage. Nuestro consejo es que antes de que se produzca el evento dejes claro a tus asistentes cuáles serán las posibilidades de devolución cashless.

Some cashless refund options are:

  • Online refund of the remaining balance: after the event you can provide a means of requesting a refund on your website. The refund is made by adding the unique code provided with each smart wristband and the user’s bank account number.
  • Onsite balance refund: as the event promoter you can set up an area within the venue where cashless refunds can be requested. An area where attendees can approach with their wristbands or NFC cards and request the refund of their balance instantly.

Gofun helps you to improve the experience at the event

At Gofun we will help you to improve the experience at your event. Our cashless and contactless technology will make you forget about cash at your next event.

A way to reduce queues, increase revenue, improve security and above all promote fun and a unique experience. With our technology, attendees will be able to make secure and direct payments from their wristbands or NFC cards.

A quick payment at the bars or points of sale through a single POS device that integrates the product catalog and allows the receipt of payments. Gofun technology, in addition to promoting the speed of consumption, allows obtaining Big Data information with which to make strategic decisions in real time and with objective data. Will you join us to revolutionize your event? Cashless payment is waiting for you!