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Today, many restaurants and hotels have made the digital leap and have different technological solutions that help them with planning and management. Digital transformation is a reality in these sectors and the arrival of the pandemic precipitated a paradigm shift in consumer habits. Nightlife venues have also been affected by these new trends. Do you want to know how to speed up the digitization of nightlife through technology? We tell you about it in the following article.

How does digitization help nightclubs?

Digitization has been a breakthrough for many sectors, including nightlife and entertainment. Technology helps us in many areas and favors the development of the activities of nightclubs and pubs, especially when it comes to knowing better our buyer persona, as well as in the sale of tickets through the Internet.

Firstly, it allows us to get to know our target audience in detail and modify the type of communication or channels according to the audience we want to reach. The possibility of communicating in different ways with personalized messages and through different channels favors the effectiveness of the message and, therefore, we reach more people. This translates into higher online ticket sales and increased revenue.

In terms of online ticketing, the digitalization of nightlife has brought many favorable changes. It is no longer necessary to go to the establishment itself to buy tickets and we know with certainty that we have a place saved at the party or event;

Benefits of digital transformation in the nightlife industry

As mentioned above, there are many benefits of digitization in nightclubs, pubs or nightlife venues. And these go beyond online ticket sales or ticketing. Let’s take a closer look at all the benefits of incorporating software in the entertainment world and how to optimize these digitization channels to get the most out of them.

  1. Improved attendee experience. Digitalization makes it possible to make reservations and purchase tickets through mobile apps or websites, which speeds up the process and reduces queues. The same applies to the sale of drinks at the venue itself. With technological solutions you can avoid queues and crowded bars.
  1. More efficient business management. Take control of all the operations that occur in the store thanks to the application of technological solutions. Manage reservations and orders more quickly and securely.
  1. Increased venue security. Digitization improves security in nightclubs in many ways. Among them, it allows real-time monitoring of the capacity and detects risk situations early. In addition, the incorporation of technology in nightlife has led to a change in payment methods. The digital payments most commonly used in nightclubs are those made through a mobile device, a smartwatch or contactless card. This payment system makes it possible to party without cash and increases the security of transactions. For promoters or entrepreneurs, cashless payments with NFC technology are a very powerful solution, as it favors the increase of sales in less time.

In addition, it is possible to link this payment system with business intelligence to monitor everything that happens on the premises in real time and extract objective consumption data.

  1. More personalized user experience. Digital transformation in nightclubs allows owners to collect information and statistics on attendees and their preferences. In this way, they can customize offers and promotions that will enhance the event experience;
  1. Customer loyalty. Knowing the tastes and consumption habits of nightlife attendees allows nightclub owners to build long-term relationships with customers. How? By offering them exclusive promotions, communications and benefits through mobile applications, by email or through loyalty programs.
  1. Improves operational efficiency. The digitization of processes such as stock management, order tracking or personnel management can improve efficiency in nightclub processes, resulting in higher profitability and better internal management.

Digitize your business in the nightlife sector with Gofun

All these advantages bring a great added value to your nightclub or nightlife venue, being the attendant the center of attention. With the help of Gofun technology we accompany you in the digital conversion process of your nightlife venue. We simplify your event with functionalities adapted to your needs to improve the user experience with the aim of building loyalty over time and increase your revenue. Every detail, no matter how small, counts. Contact us!