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Forget about cash, increase your income, reduce queues and optimize resources, while offering the best experience to your customers.

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Increases sales

Optimize time

Centralizes information

Online capacity control

Digitalize payments

Product Solution

Gofun Bank

It enables multiple means of payment (bank card, NFC devices and QR codes) directly at bars and food trucks through a POS with the integrated product catalog. Reduces costs by not needing wristbands.

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Gofun Wallet

Speed up payments and identify your attendees and their consumption habits, offer benefits and improve pre-recharge flows.

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and order

Conecta los pedidos prepagados con comanderas.
Ordena tiempos de entrega de pedidos según tiempos de cocina.


Control access to your event quickly and efficiently. Our platform and devices allow you to know the capacity in real time.

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You will be able to make decisions based on data analysis and detailed statistics of your event to reduce costs and increase benefits.

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Gofun Apis

Boost sales at your event with Gofun. Preserve your management systems by integrating them with our APIs.

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