Sports events, stadiums and venues

We know the demands in the organization of sporting events and operations in stadiums, where consumption time is crucial. We implement our solution to improve day-to-day, reinforcing security and streamlining payments and processes, while offering the best onsite experience to your audience.


NFC Cashless and Contactless payments

Adjust the payment methods to your event needs. Gofun offers 3 kinds of payments with data analysis and sales reports.

Integrate one or the three kind of the NFC cashless payments within the members card and offer them exclusive experiences to reward their loyalty with promotions and courtesies.


Improve the customer experience from the ticket purchase to the end of the event


Access control

Created to adjust itself to every stadium or sport event, the platform allows to customize and asign different licenses to the NFC bracelet or card, to control the attendees and staff to the event and the different areas (general, press, VIP, etc.)

Access control allows the attendees to get faster into the event so they count with more time to consume and enjoy


Business Intelligence

Manage your event the most efficient way with a complete visibility of attendees, providers, products and staff.

  • Reports, metrics and consumption habits
  • Control and integral management of staff

An experience at all levels

  • Easy and quick payments
  • Zero contact
  • Less queues
  • No need for cash
  • Various payment options
  • Online top up and cashback option
  • Improve the experience
  • Faster accesses
  • Real time Big Data
  • Data analysis reports
  • Get to know your attendees better
  • Higher profitability by optimizing resources
  • Reduce errors and thefts
  • More information for sponsors
  • More security in the venue
  • Increase the revenue up to 30%
  • Easy to use
  • Zero contact
  • Transactions remain digitalized within the POS, whether made by cash or card
  • Previous trainingn and on site support
  • Individual performance reports
  • Reports automated send to external vendors

Argentine Polo Association

The championship decided to implement the cashless payment system in its sports venue to encourage consumption, increase revenue and improve the customer experience.

Already trust in Gofun

Easygoband has become essential to agilize, greatly increase our income and have exhaustive control of our event

NICOLAS FILIPPINIPlanning and Management Control Manager

Why use cashless+ contactless at your festival?

Retain your partners

Offer promotions and incentives. They can top up and return balance online over their membership card

Higher spend per attendee

Buy on impulse and have more time to consume. Spending per person increases up to 30%

Impove the experience

Reduce queues and waiting times to the attendees, apart from letting them pay however they prefer

Increase profitability

Use the data to optimize resources, reduce costs and build customer loyalty

Real time

Real-time reporting on attendance, sales, performance, and more

Less contact

Reduce contact adding security on staff and attendees

We adjust our solution to your business, whether it is large, medium or small

We set the system up adjusting it to your needs and we train your team during the first days so that you can manage it autonomously.

We take care of all the needs to carry out the event and offer technical support during it.

If your event is small, with online training and our tutorials, you will easily get the system up and running. Only available for NFC payments.

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