Everything under control with realiable information

It gathers all the individual information of users and workers, and also all the processes that occur in the event (accesses, top ups, sales…), with the possibility of segmenting by days, hours, point of sale, staff, payment method, product etc

Turns your data into insights

With cashless and contactless payments you can turn the data generated into insights and thus know the behavior and consumption habits of users.

Thanks to that information you will be able ot making decisions based in objective data to improve the experience.

Digitalize, watch and transform your event

Obtaining the data of everything that happens in the event is the key to managing it in the most efficient way.

You will have complete visibility of attendees, suppliers, products and employees, which will allow you to optimize resources to reduce costs and increase profits.

Get reports and segmented metrics

Make the most out of data

Being able of having a global knowledge of the event, is attached to great benefits: anticipation and higher efficiency, which translates into a greater profitability in resources organization, and improvement of the attendees experience. 

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